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How to set and achieve your fundraising goals is a team process, “There are a few different types of team goals, but the most common and effective ones focus on a specific outcome or objective. Of course, every team is different, so it’s essential to tailor your team goals to fit your group’s unique strengths and weaknesses. However, some general tips for setting team goals include making them specific, challenging yet achievable, and aligned with the organization’s overall objectives.

Another critical aspect of team goals is ensuring that everyone understands and buys into them. The best way to do this is to involve everyone in the goal-setting process from the beginning. That way, everyone has a chance to contribute ideas and give input on what they think would be possible and realistic.” according to Inter Observers

4 Steps To Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

Step 1 – Set a Team Goal and Break it Down to achieve your fundraising goals

Here’s a quick breakdown;

Based on an average of 17 team members;

170 cases sold = approx $3000 total profit for the team.

10 cases sold per team member


Each team member sells 13 cases;

  • 4 cases to relatives
  • 2 cases to friends
  • 2 cases to co-workers
  • 2 cases for themselves

Average profit per case = $18

200 x $18 = $3000

= $3000 in total profit

4 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

Unlike other fundraisers, we own our own distribution company and therefore we can sell whatever we want.

You’ll see a variety of people selling just bacon or just sausage or beef jerky or coffee … I think you get the picture.

With us, you get to sell it all AND make more money in the process!!

Click here for a list of products we’re currently selling.

Step 2 – Track Sales By Team Member

Send us your roster and we create the links for you. You share the store link and your supporters simply shop online and pick who they want to support when they check out.

Tracking sales by team member keeps everyone accountable through the campaign is the best way to achieve your fundraising goals.

Your Online Fundraising Store and Products

This is where it gets exciting!

Your team will have your own dedicated online store.

You can send us your logo to put at the top as well as a custom message you would like to say to your customers for supporting your team.

We don’t charge anything upfront to start your campaign and you only have to sell 50 cases to receive a free delivery!


4 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Fundraising Goals
4 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

Step 3 – Award a Small Prize 

The thing that the most successful teams do is they have a little internal competition with a small reward for the winner.

If you have a large organization, enter everyone who sells a minimum amount of cases into a draw for a prize. 

We set up unique links for each team member and we send you automatic reporting everyday. One report will show the leaderboard and the campaign progress and the other report is a thank you report so your members will know who to thank for their support.

Share, share, share and follow up!

And finally you need to communicate with your friends and family regularly during the campaign. We provide daily reporting to help you communicate your current sales so you can stay on track. One email per week will probably not be enough.

In your email talk about your team and how each sale directly supports whatever the money is going towards. If it’s a tournament, talk about the tournament, where it is, how you did last year, how you think your team will do this year, include a photo of your child and/or team. This will greatly help you to achieve your fundraising goals.

Step 4 – Sell With Confidence!

Read about some of the products and get familiar with them so it’s easier to sell the benefits of each of them. If you’re not sure about something, ask us on our contact us page. We’ll be more than happy to get you the answers you need.

“Hey Mike, I know how much you like breaded shrimp, take a look at our team store, this company has a guarantee on their products because they only source from the most reputable vendors.”

Have confidence in our products, even mention that we have a guarantee. We source our products from the best vendors. Some of the products you can’t buy in most retail stores.

Last week is where you will need to make a push. One email won’t cut it. You need to follow up with a few emails in the last week, especially the last 3 days. It’s absolutely critical. People get busy and forget when the deadline is.

Make a final push in the last 2 days if you truly want to achieve your fundraising goals.

“48 hours remaining, we are so close to meeting our goal!

Last Day!! all hands on deck! The most successful teams tell us that they make one final push on the last day.

Three emails, morning, afternoon and evening as well as phone call follow ups. Your persistence will benefit your group or team.

One final thought

4 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

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