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Back of the Spoon – The Search For The Best Perogies

Since we started back in 2020 we were asked to put perogies on our store. Seemed like an easy task however our time in the food distribution business didn’t result in any leads or relationships with local vendors since it wasn’t something that we stocked at the time. Like most retailers, we only stocked the mass produced Cheemo brand perogies. We didn’t want to go down that road, they’re not the quality we were looking for to put on our store. The search for the best perogies was on. We tried over 20 different local vendors over the three years and had some decent leads but nothing that really wowed us enough to make us want to pursue a partnership.

Over the three years of searching for the best perogies, truthfully we gave up our search and that’s when the match made in heaven was found. It was like online dating (maybe?? I’m too old to know) but if I had to guess, it would be similar to dating in general, once you let it happen naturally, and let go of the obsessive search, voila! The love of your dreams just magically shows up. Well, for me it was in a country bar back in 1999 where I met my wife. The perogies on the other hand was a referral from another vendor that was on our fundraising platform called Shop My Fundraising

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Back of the Spoon – Vendor Spotlight

Back Of The Spoon Canada specializes in hand crafted perogies in Calgary, Alberta. Grandma’s rule when making perogies was to stir with the back of the spoon as to not tear the dough. Thus the inspiration for Back Of The Spoon. We’re passionate about bringing people together over food. Our perogies are hand crafted with love, and made from the freshest locally sourced quality ingredients.

Meet The Perogy Maker

Back of the Spoon officially started in 2017.  I had been making perogie casseroles whenever we would host parties and then making them for other friends and events. I was always surprised when they were the star of the party. Word quickly spread and people started to ask if they could buy them.  As my concept began to grow, I decided to make it official and start to cook out of a certified commercial kitchen. 

 Read more about Back Of The Spoon 

Fundraising Product Line-up

Back of the Spoon – Vendor Spotlight

We’re currently offering three products right now. The perogy machine is broken we’re told by the owner until summer so we’re helping her wind down her current inventory until she gets her new machine.

Keep an eye out for more delicious perogies to be added to the lineup once they’re back up and running. These are great fundraising ideas here in Calgary to raise money for your organization.
This vendor is truly a hidden gem and we’re glad to be a partner!

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