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The best fundraising products in 2023 mostly come from supporting local vendors and getting the most “bang for their buck”. According to a new report released by the Agri-Food Analyics Lab at Dalhousie University,

The survey found 63 per cent of respondents said they intended to change their food buying habits in 2022. The majority – 52.8 per cent – said they intend to use coupons more often. Read more here

“The second most popular habit change, the report found, was eating out less, with 51.7 per cent of Canadians saying they intend to avoid restaurants in 2022. Some Canadians (30.3 per cent) said they will buy in bulk more in 2022,”

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Things To Consider When Choosing Products To Sell

Fundraising is an essential aspect of any nonprofit organization, school, or community group. With the right fundraising products, you can raise the money you need to support your cause and make a real difference in your community. From traditional BBQ food options such as burgers, steak and bacon to more unique options such as Jamaican patties and empanadas. In this article we highlight some of the best fundraising products in 2023.

1. Demand:

Choose a product that has a high demand in the market. You can build your store with a wide variety of products to target a wide range of people. Also consider the timing, BBQ items like burgers and hot dogs will sell better in the spring and summer whereas comfort foods like perogies will sell better in the fall and winter.

2. Profitability:

Choose a product that has a healthy profit margin. Most of our products have commissions that range between 20 and 25%.

3. Target audience:

Choose a product that appeals to your target audience. Consider the demographics of your target market to ensure the product fits their needs and preferences. Choose items that will appeal to those with dietary restrictions such as gluten free, vegan or vegetarian.

4. Logistics:

We take care of all the delivery and stay onsite in a refrigerated truck at a location of your choice at a time that is convenient for you and your team. If you don’t go with us, please make sure you use proper temperature controlled distribution and consider the risks of food safety. Read more about food safety here.

5. Exclusivity:

Our exclusive products are not found in retail and therefore gives your fundraising efforts a boost.

6. Local and Great Quality:

Choose a product that is locally sourced and is reputable in your community. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of sourcing local, so choosing a product that people know can help you appeal to a wider audience. We feature many local vendors that have a great story in our local market. We hold our vendors accountable as long as you report a problem with a product within 30 days of receipt.

7. Passion:

Choose a product that you are passionate about. This will help you stay motivated and dedicated to your fundraising efforts, and it will make it easier to tell a compelling brand story.

What are the best fundraising products in 2023?

Best Fundraising Products in 2023

Kingdom Coffee


Jim was homeless, hooked on drugs and suicidal. Four strangers shared a conversation which led to Jim checking into a recovery center. Jim was able to find sobriety after a 30 your addiction, find his identity and went from being an angry violent man to a man his family adored. Jim was helping others get off the streets and into recovery, when he tragically passed away in a workplace accident. Read More

 Products: 4 New coffee bean offerings to choose from.

  • 2lb Reach (Dark Roast)
  • 2lb Awake (Espresso)
  • 2lb Bridge (Medium Roast)
  • 2lb Dream (Medium/Dark Roast)

Commissions: 20 – 21% 


Best Fundraising Products in 2023

Coco Brooks

Definitely the most popular and the best fundraising products on the market. Their frozen pizza is an easy sell, great for growing families and we have all the different options they offer.


  • 11 different pizza packs to choose from.
  • Variety cookies
  • Banana bread pizza

Commissions: 20 -22%

Best Fundraising Products in 2023

Lloyd’s Patty Plus

  Lloyd Reid owner and operator  at “Lloyd’s Patty Plus” was born in Kingston Jamaica in a small community called Kingston Five. Lloyd started making patties back home at the early age of eighteen, fresh out of high school. At age 31 Lloyd moved to Calgary Alberta and started a small bakery producing Jamaican Patties . Read more

Lloyd’s Patties have quickly become our top seller and one of the best fundraising products in 2023. Great local company and a great success story!


  • Spicy or mild beef patties
  • Spicy or mild chicken patties
  • Vegetarian patties

Commissions: 25 – 28%


Best Fundraising Products in 2023

Good Fillin

We knew Max Labhartd (the owner) when he was the Executive Chef at the Saddledome, he was our customer and he was demanding. He expected top quality and wouldn’t settle for anything less. It’s no wonder that his empanadas are top quality, just as I expected. It was an easy decision to list his products on our store. Our competitor only has the one variety box from GFS. We source direct, learn more here.

This unique product offering will become one of the best fundraising products in 2023.


All Natural and Authentic Venezuelan Empanadas. 4 bags (12 per bag) and 250ml Creme Verde Sauce. Made locally.
Each bag contains 12 pieces (385g)
1 Bag – 12 Beef Empanadas
1 Bag – 12 Chicken Empanadas
1 Bag – 12 Vegi Empanadas
1 Bag – 12 Thai Empanadas
1 Creme Verde Sauce (250ml)

Commissions: 20%

Best Fundraising Products in 2023


This local vendor needs no introduction to the fundraising game here in Calgary. Again, we knew this customer when we worked for a large distribution company and they were our customer. Great people to deal with, extremely generous and caring, it’s no wonder they’ve built such a good name.
By far the easiest to sell which makes these products the best fundraising products in 2023!
Products: We offer all the products they offer for fundraising
  • 7 different sausage offerings
  • Breakfast sausage
  • Their famous marinara sauce
  • and Momma’s meatballs!

Commissions: 20%

Best Fundraising Products in 2023

Nathan’s Famous 

Are you familiar with the famous Nathan’s beef hot dogs? Surely you know about Joey Chestnut and the hot dog eating contest?

Nathan’s Famous claims to have sold over 500 million hot dogs since its inception, and while those numbers might not be quite as high as the McDonald’s hamburger count, some pretty famous folks have enjoyed a Nathan’s hot dog. 

Read More: The Untold Truth of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

Product: Can’t buy this product in retail, therefore, making this product exclusive on our store!

  • Nathan’s Famous Beef Hot Dogs (Gluten Free – 60 per case)

Commissions: 20%

Best Fundraising Products in 2023

Jimmy Dean Sausages

Nothing local about this product offering however it’s a product that we just couldn’t pass up. Not available in retail, therefore it’s exclusive to us and definitely a top seller in the US. Chances are if you’ve eaten out in Calgary’s best restaurants, you’ve enjoyed Jimmy Deans sausages before whether you knew it or not!


  • Sausage Links (skinless)
  • Sausage Rounds – good for breakfast sandwiches

These products come gluten free and pre-cooked, so easy for a family to prepare. Teams earn high commissions making this one of the best fundraising products in 2023.

Commissions: 25% 

Best Fundraising Products in 2023

UR Fundraising Burgers

Our burgers are best in market and made to our specifications based on our experience in the food service industry. Owning pubs and restaurants, we knew what our customers wanted! Read more about us and how we got started here.

  •  Our Family Favorites Burger is a Juicy and Succulent burger made with the finest ingredients to enhance the flavor that keeps you coming back for more, it soon will be your favorite burger, if not already.
  • Premium Prime Rib Burger – Our 6oz Prime Rib burger is made with 75% Canadian Prime Rib and beef, blended with spices to give it an unmistakable, juicy beef flavour.  You’ll be hard pressed to find another Prime Rib burger that has the restaurant quality that we offer!

Commissions: 20%

Best Fundraising Products in 2023

Sterling Silver Steak

Sterling silver AAA steak is a staple here in Alberta. Everyone knows just how good and how consistent their steak is. We source two different options.


  • 6oz AAA Sirloin Steak (Frozen) 
  • 12oz AAA Striploin Steak (Fresh)

We only source frozen on the sirloin because we’re able to lockdown pricing for a few months at a time. Our distribution won’t allow it to thaw because we stay onsite with our refrigerated truck. Read more here.

Commissions: 20 – 22%

Best Fundraising Products in 2023

Olymel Bacon

Olymel is a local producer of our bacon (Red Deer). We like their consistency from our time in the food service distribution business. We rarely had to deal with complaints on this bacon if at all.


  • Regular Sliced Bacon 
  • Thick Cut Bacon

Bacon is always a mainstay for any fundraiser and we know that it’ll be one of the best fundraising products in 2023.

Commissions: 20%

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