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All the features that helps us stand apart from our competition.

Our Platform

Your Custom Store

Not only do you get to pick the products, but we also customize the store by replacing the shopping cart with your organization’s logo so it’s front and centre for your supporters to see.

Team Member Tracking

We can preload your team’s roster so you can track the sales of each member. Your supporters just need to pick who they want to support when they checkout. Helps create a little competition amongst your team and because there’s no login, we don’t spam your supporters!

Fundraising Progress Bar

We’ve also built in a progress bar, social sharing links, a countdown timer, and fundraising purpose so people will know why they should support your fundraising campaign.

Mobile store

Our Products

Feature products
100% Guaranteed 

We don’t just offer a lot of products; we source the best from the many vendors we deal with.

Local Vendors

It’s easy to sell products everybody loves, like Spolumbos sausage, Coco Brooks pizza, Sterling Silver steak, Bob’s Red Mill gluten free options, high quality coffee beans from a local roaster, and we even sell the famous Llyod’s Jamaican patties!

Earn Up To 25% Commissions

We source direct from the vendors and buying in bulk allows us to pass along more commissions than our competitors. More commissions per sale means your team won’t have to sell as much with us to achieve your fundraising goals!

Our Service

Onsite Delivery

We bring in all the products to our warehouse, sort and send it out. Our drivers stay onsite and sort all the products for you.

Minimal Volunteers

We only require 2-3 volunteers to verify the process and greet your supporters.

Evening and Weekend Delivery

We’re available evenings and weekends to bulk deliver to a location of your choice. Schedule a delivery during one of your practices so your entire team will already be there. 

Our delivery service