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Home delivery food fundraising for your organization

School Fundraisers

— Run your fundraiser all year
— Raise money for general funds
— No volunteers necessary

Animal Fundraisers

— Easy fundraiser to promote
— Supporters will have recurring sales
— No volunteers necessary

Association Fundraisers

— Track all the teams in your association
— Run fundraising all year long
— Reward for the team with the most sales

Charity Fundraisers

— Enroll your corporate partners
— Continuous donation all year
— Supporters can contribute in a new way

Registration Fundraisers

— Raise money for your family
— Split cases with your friends and family
— Have access to exclusive products

Community Fundraisers

— Raise money for your community project
— Support local vendors in our community
— New products are added monthly

Team Fundraisers

— Track sales per team member
— Word-of-mouth will help build your sales
— Raise money for tournaments

Church Fundraisers

— Raise money for ongoing projects
— Raise money all year long
— Easy fundraiser to promote

Non-Profit Fundraisers

— Raise money for your cause
— Ongoing recurring donations all year
— No volunteers necessary

Our Commissions and Fees

We pay 18% commissions on your total sales for the duration of the campaign plus bonuses based on case sales.

No payment processing fees. Only delivery fees at time of checkout or you can pickup at our Calgary warehouse.

Delivery fees of $15 + $1 fuel surcharge per delivery Calgary wide are applied at checkout. Home delivery to surrounding communities also available. 

Ready to try UR Fundraising?

Get awesome food delivered to your home from local vendors while supporting a cause you care about.