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Start A Fundraiser Tell us about your fundraiser

It’s easy to start a fundraiser!

  1. Fill out the fundraiser information form
  2. Once approved, your personal store will be created and you will be provided a link to your store
  3. Share the link with friends and family to purchase restaurant quality food products from local vendors and start raising money for your campaign (18% commission)
  4. We’ll ship each order out individually directly to your supporter’s home at a date and time of their choice
  5. You can run your campaign as long as you would like, we’ll setup a payment schedule.

***Before the launch of your campaign, you’ll have to decide how you would like to track your sales. We suggest the following;

  • By team member for individual teams or gyms
  • By classroom or grade for schools
  • By team for an organization raise
  • By department for larger corporations

Our results from past campaigns show that fundraisers who track by more than one link and create a little competition with a reward at the end produce more sales and therefore more funds raised.

You’ll just need to send us a list of names you would like us to track. We don’t require their contact information.