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Corporate & Workplace Giving

If your organization is looking for a way to make a meaningful contribution to the community and drive business results in the process, consider hosting a workplace giving campaign.

Workplace Giving

By bringing your team together to support a charity, you’re helping to make a positive impact on the community. 

Some benefits of running a workplace campaign include:

Employee Engagement

Increased employee attraction, engagement, and retention

Team Building

Team building and professional development

Company Profile

Increased company profile in community

Healthy Communities

Contributing to a healthy, more prosperous community


Interested In Running A Campaign?

to work with you to help achieve your community investment goals. Learn more about the ways you can make a positive impact on your business and your community by calling 403-969-6196 or sending us an email.


While some companies give charitably through community investment budgets, sponsorship is an excellent way to support the community through funds allocated for marketing or advertising.

Corporate sponsorship is a great way to gain exposure for your brand while also supporting a worthy cause. When you partner with us, we’ll work with you to develop creative and engaging opportunities that bring value to your organization.

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