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Experience Next Level Fundraising For Sports Teams

The Easiest Fundraising in Calgary!

Pick a premade store fundraiser or you can choose just the products you want from over 100 grocery items from our local vendors, and we’ll help your organization raise money for your organization. 

WHAT SETS US APART? Our Platform - Our Products - Our Service

Our Platform

Our Platform Best platform on the market- hands down! 

No more codes to remember, no need to login, no more cash to collect…just share your store link and ask your supporters to shop!

We have the ability to track ALL your team members individually without a special link, special codes to enter or having to login to make a purchase. 

We customize your store with the products that you choose. Countdown timers, social sharing links, progress bars, fundraising goals and automatic daily reporting are just a few of the things that help your team get more sales!

Did I mention it looks and works great on mobile as well? Fundraising in Calgary just got easier!

Our Products

Our Products Sell quality food from our local vendors.

Since we own our own distribution company, we only source the best products from the best local vendors. We hand pick each of the products that goes on our product guide, so you don’t have to worry about getting inferior quality. 

We have the largest variety of grocery items in Calgary to choose from and we are the most profitable fundraiser. We go direct to the vendor and buy in bulk so you can earn more money per sale while matching retail.

“Don’t just fill your freezer … empty it!” 

The easiest fundraiser in Calgary gets even easier because your friends and family will want you to fundraise again!

Delivery Service

Our Service We do it all for you.

We bring in all the products into our warehouse, ship the orders to a location of your choice, at a time that’s convenient for you, and then we stay onsite to sort the orders on our refrigerated truck! 

Less volunteers needed and its completely food safe. 

“When it comes to food safety, we can’t be too careful. Food borne illnesses result when perishable food items are not refrigerated. We make sure to maintain the cold chain throughout the distribution process. You’ll never see your perishable food products on the sidewalk waiting for you to pickup.”

Fundraising in Calgary just got elevated … we also ship to surrounding communities as well.

How Much Do You Want to Raise?

Find out how many cases per team member you need to sell to achieve your fundraising goal.

Selling food that everyone needs, and loves is the easiest fundraising.

Just to Name a Few …

We’ve been lucky to work with some amazing teams, schools and organizations in Calgary. Making a difference in our community is what keeps us motivated. We’re committed to being better at what we do so we can help you be better at what you do.

Join us and let us help your organization raise money!

We are here to support you

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