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Coco Brooks

Coco Brooks is a popular and innovative food brand known for their delicious and diverse menu offering, specializing in gourmet pizzas. We offer over 10 different pizza packs, cookies and their famous banana bread pizza.


Chunkd is a cookie paradise, delighting customers with their specialty cookies. From classic favorites to innovative creations, their indulgent treats boast rich flavors and irresistible textures. Whether it’s gooey chocolate chip or monster cookie, Chunkd promises a delightful cookie experience that leaves taste buds wanting more.


Olymel bacon is a delicious and flavorful choice for bacon lovers. Made from high-quality pork, it offers a perfect balance of smoky, crispy, and savory goodness, elevating breakfast or any dish.

Kingdom Coffee

Kingdom Coffee is a premium coffee brand dedicated to ethically sourced and expertly roasted beans. With every sip, experience the rich flavors and support sustainable farming practices in coffee-growing regions.

Good Fillin

Good Fillin is famous for their authentic Venezuelan empanadas. Our variety pack includes; beef, chicken, vegetarian and Thai. These savory pastries deliver a culinary adventure in every bite.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver’s AAA sirloin steak is a premium cut of beef known for its exceptional tenderness, juiciness, and rich flavor. Indulge in a BBQ experience that exceeds expectations with this top restaurant quality steak.

Kitchen Lizard

Kitchen Lizard is a culinary gem, renowned for crafting scrumptious chachitos. These delectable, bite-sized snacks come in a delightful ham and cheese flavor, enticing food enthusiasts with their unique and savory taste. A must-try experience for any adventurous palate!


Choklat is a heavenly destination for chocolate enthusiasts, offering a tantalizing array of specialty chocolates. Handcrafted with premium ingredients, their creations encompass diverse flavors and artistic designs. From silky truffles to bold dark chocolate bars, Choklat’s confections ensure a blissful cocoa journey for every chocolate lover.


When Milk Jar was born in founder Holly Singer’s kitchen in November, 2016, it answered two of her desires: to bring clean-burning, beautifully smelling candles to the local market, and to be a vehicle for giving back.

Infamous Eats

Infamous Eats is a flavor-centric haven, renowned for its specialty spice blends. With a passion for culinary excellence, they craft unique and mouthwatering combinations that elevate dishes to new heights. From exotic blends to classic favorites, Infamous Eats spices ignite taste buds and inspire gastronomic adventures.

Nooren Samosa

Nooren Samosa is a culinary haven offering a delectable range of beef, chicken, and veggie samosas. With authentic flavors and flaky pastry, their handcrafted delights promise a savory journey that caters to all taste buds. A perfect treat for samosa aficionados!

Pop Shoppe

The Pop Shoppe is a Canadian-based beverage company known for its nostalgic soda offerings. Originally established in the 1970s, it gained popularity for its diverse range of flavored sodas.

Poko Popcorn

Poko Popcorn is a brand specializing in gourmet popcorn varieties. Known for creative flavors and quality ingredients, it offers a unique snacking experience with options ranging from sweet to savory.


Spolumbos is a renowned delicatessen and sausage company, offering a delectable range of authentic Italian sausages and deli meats made with high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes, delighting taste buds for over 20 years.

Let's Pasta

Let's Pasta is a brand offering a variety of high-quality pasta products. With a commitment to authentic Italian flavors and diverse shapes, it provides a delicious foundation for various dishes.

Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs is a cheese lover’s paradise, celebrated for its specialty cheese curds. Crafted with precision and care, their curds boast a perfect balance of texture and flavor. From traditional cheddar to adventurous infused varieties, Crystal Springs’ cheese curds offer a delectable journey into the world of dairy delights.

Lloyd's Jamaican Patties

Lloyd's Jamaican patties are a mouthwatering delight, filled with flavorful Jamaican spices and savory fillings. These golden pastry pockets offer a taste of the Caribbean that will leave you craving more.

Fiesta Margaritas (Non-Alcholic)

Fiesta’s non-alcoholic margaritas are a delightful blend of zesty flavors without the alcohol. Perfect for any occasion, these margaritas deliver the tangy goodness of lime and the subtle sweetness of orange, all without the buzz. Enjoy the festive spirit and tropical vibes of a margarita, minus the alcohol content.
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