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Our time with Meadow Creek began in 2017 when working as sales reps at the distribution company here in Calgary. While most companies were already purchasing great sausages from Spolumbos, we wondered how this company was going to carve out a niche for themselves. It didn’t take too long before we saw them marketing themselves pretty aggressively and continuously launching new and exciting products.

Our customers soon began complimenting their existing Spolumbos products with new products from Meadow Creek that Spolumbos simply didn’t make. That’s what we decided to do with our fundraising grocery store as well. Compliment the already popular Spolumbos sausage with some really great Meadow Creek options as well and give our customers more options. 

We’re excited for you to try these great sausages, we know you’ll love them from this awesome new local vendor!

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Meadow Creek – Vendor Spotlight

Meadow Creek Sausage & Meat Ltd. started out in 2011 as a small provincially inspected sausage production facility focusing mainly on supplying our neighbours and friends with sausages, meat cuts and custom processing wild game. Sticking to our guns to make only healthy sausages without any chemicals, our business grew tremendously fast and in 2012, we sought out land to build a brand new facility in Claresholm. 

About Meadow Creek

In 2013, Meadow Creek Sausage opened the doors to a state-of-the-art federal sausage processing facility located in the Town of Claresholm. The main focus was sausage production but as an added bonus, the front portion of the building was turned into a restaurant and store for customers to get a taste of our products and take some sausage home. As demand would have it, a catering branch was also added to the restaurant. It was very successful but, just like before, by sticking to our guns, we soon ran out of freezer storage space in our production facility. In 2018, only 5 years after moving into a newly built facility, Meadow Creek has to undergo a renovation and add a new commercial size freezer in order to meet customer demand. This space came from the restaurant so it was the end of an era. 

Growth continued on and in 2020, Meadow Creek Sausage launched a new production line, ready to eat sausage. Another renovation took place that year to install a new smokehouse so that new products could hit the market. Our smokehouse uses real wood shavings to smoke products because it is healthier than the alternative, liquid smoke. We like doing things in old-fashioned ways.

As luck would have it, in 2021 Meadow Creek Sausage outgrew the commercial freezer that was installed in 2018. In the fall of 2021, another commercial sized freezer was installed in order to meet customer demand. While the new freezer took a little bit of space from our factory outlet store, we offer a wide selection of products such as sausage (pork, chicken, turkey, elk, bison, beef and lamb), fish, sausage patties, ground meats and meat cuts. 

While we always talk about our products and making only the best products, the largest focus of our company is food safety. We achieved a huge milestone in our company in November of 2021 and became certified with an SQF based food safety system. SQF stands for Safe Quality Food and it is a very strict food safety and quality program that assures our customers that our facility, processes and products meet the highest global food standards. This has been a large focus of our company over the last 12 months and we are ecstatic that our Meadow Creek team has achieved this standard.

Read More About Meadow Creek Here

Fundraising Product Line-up

Meadow Creek – Vendor Spotlight

Here’s our starting lineup of sausages from this awesome new local vendor. Don’t be afraid to try them out this summer!

What will be your favourite sausage?

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