Easy School Fundraising With Pet Treats

School Fundraising With Pet Treats!

Selling pet treats for school fundraising is a great way to raise money. By offering quality treats, schools can attract pet owners keen on supporting a good cause.

Why UR Fundraising?

We specialize in delivering top-tier ecommerce and distribution solutions, empowering organizations like yours to raise funds efficiently. Let us handle the logistics while you excel in your core mission.

Launch Your Store

Launch Your Store

We'll create your very own pet treat ecommerce store featuring your school and we can track sales by classroom in case you would like to offer a prize for the most sales.
Share Your Store

Share Your Store

Launch your school fundraising store by asking your parents for their support. We'll ship the bulk order to your school within 10 days after completing the campaign.
Share The Profits

Share The Profits

Your school earns 25% of the sales plus we'll donate a $1 to an animal shelter in your area for every bag of pet treat sold.

Make pet treat fundraising a regular part of your school fundraising efforts!

Selling pet treats for school fundraising is a no-brainer due to the high demand for these products among families with pets. With their appealing nature and affordable prices, pet treats offer schools a product that can be sold quickly and easily, resulting in good profit margins. This initiative not only raises funds efficiently but also promotes values like responsibility and care for animals among students. 


Brands we stock

We pick the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to the quality of our products. School fundraising just got easier.

Deliciously healthy
pet treats!

You and your pet are the perfect pairing. And it’s this relationship that has inspired Fruitables® to find that perfect pairing in “pet-treat” form. We use real fruits, vegetables and proteins to create a mashup of delicious and healthy. Find your new favorite fun-tastic flavors today!

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Honestly healthy
pet treats!

The best dog treats are both nutritious and also taste great! At Plato Pet treats, we are committed to providing our pets with highly nutritious treats that are as savory as they are healthy! Plato’s propriety air drying technique allows our treats to retain both nutrients and taste and both our customers and their pets agree! Just like us, our pets need nutritious and healthy foods to live a long and happy life. Unlike us though, our pets don’t have a say in what they get to eat. It’s our responsibility as pet parents to feed them the healthy foods they need to live a happy, playful, and energetic life. So, when it is time for your pets next doggy delight, reach for the best dog treats that are sure to make your pet a happy camper! 

Delicious treats
for small animals!

Treat time is a highlight for all species of pets, and healthy treats offer an enriching, guilt-free way to build the bond with your pet! To keep treat time nutritious, we make ours with a variety of wholesome, all-natural ingredients including freeze-dried fruit, herbs, veggies and hay. Shop our wide variety of nutritious small animal treats to find your pet’s favorite. Looking for more treat-inspired inspiration? Our experts have you covered! Check out our collection of treat-themed articles and tips from our experts below.

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Help Animals In Need By Spoiling Yours!

UR Fundraising is committed to helping animal shelters raise money. We’ll donate $1 for every bag of treats sold on your school fundraiser to a local animal shelter in your area!